Friday, 12 March 2010

I have finally got around to listing items for sale in my Etsy shop. Something I have been meaning on doing for a long time! I have managed to make up some stock which has been sitting in my craft room waiting for the moment, and I haven't had to use any of it for presents!!

I realised while I was listing items that I hadn't done so since 2007!!! I have been very busy having children, Tom who is 3 in June and Elsie who is 1 next week. We have also moved out of our home to rent it out, into my parent-in-laws for a year while my husband re-trained as a secondary school English teacher, back into our home, and then 4 months later moved again into our new house, which I love!! Lots of work to be done with the new house, and we started with a new roof. We have also converted our basement into a self-contained flat which my sister Hermione and her boyfriend have moved into. Really inspiring having her being creative so close to me!

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Die andere Seite said...

You have a really beautiful blog and I'm looking forward to your next post ;0)
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